Worldcoin Services Directory

As Worldcoin gains popularity, more and more merchants recognize it a useful method of payment. There are currently a number merchant payment services that support Worldcoin and offer solutions to integration of Worldcoin acceptance which you can find here.

How to be Added to Directory

The only requirement to be added to our list is that your product or service supports Worldcoin. If your site qualifies, please visit the Submit Website page where you will find a short tutorial on how to add yourself to the directory. Be proud if you accept Worldcoin as a payment method, download the ‘Worldcoin accepted here‘ badges.

What is Worldcoin?

Worldcoin is a virtual currency that doesn’t exist in a physical form like paper money. Similar to the well known bitcoin, Worldcoin doesn’t exist immediately, it has to be generated first. To generate Worldcoin it has to be ‘mined’ by using computer CPU or GPU power to solve a algorithms which in return gives you Worldcoins.

What’s So Great About Worldcoin?

Quickest Transactions

Worldcoin’s speed over other Altcoins makes mass business adoptions more practical and attractive. With a 30 second confirmation time, Worldcoin is the fastest yet most secure coin available.

Dedicated Development

Worldcoin fast growing community of developers working to take WDC to the next level. A business friendly environment means you’ll have updated software and bugs attended to quickly.

Seamless Trading

Quick confirmations  mean that you can move your coins in and out of exchanges much faster. There are loads of exchanges you can use to purchase Worldcoin.


The Worldcoin Forum is a large community of Worldcoin enthusiasts that are happy to acknowledge new members and answer any questions you may have.


A wallet is like a physical wallet but it only exists on your computer; with the wallet you can store your Worldcoins. To obtain a wallet you’ll have to download it from the official Worldcoin Global page, you can then store Worldcoin offline after it has synced with the blockchain.To keep your wallet safe create a pass phrase but do not forget it. You should backup your wallet on a memory stick in-case your computer goes KABOOM. Your wallet is your bank, you are responsible for it.

Buying Worldcoins

Of course you can obtain Worldcoin in other ways other than mining  by purchasing it. You can use exchanges where bitcoin is traded against WDC or with direct exchanges where you can directly purchase WDC (Worldcoin) with your money.


To mine/generate Worldcoins you’ll need to join a ‘pool’ of algorithms. You then need miner software which you then enter your pool details. When the miner starts Worldcoin will slowly be generated as the miner solves ‘blocks’ (algorithms) which will  will be automatically be sent to your specified wallet address. It’s not recommended to solo mine, it’s more worth while to invest a lot into super mining equipment which can be done if you want to make money. Find more info on mining here.

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